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Bias Interview

Logic Café launches with an interview of one of the UK’s top Logic Pro producers - Bias

Logic Pro Users Blog, 20 February 2007

In the first installation of our monthly interviews with professional Logic users, Logic Café is lucky enough to present to you a rare interview with one of the UK’s most exciting producers – Bias

Welcome to the new Logic Café “Sharing Good Practice” page where we take a peek into the way industry professional musicians, producers and post production artists use Logic Pro or Logic Express within their studio set-up.

In the first edition of our interviews with professional Logic users, Logic Café is lucky enough to present to you a rare interview with one of the UK’s most exciting producers – Bias. Since making a name for himself back in the nineties as Lewis Parker’s DJ, Bias has gone on to become recognised as one of the UK’s top producers. Combining soul, folk, funk and a touch of psychedelic bliss, Bias consistently produces music that bridges genres in an original and distinctive style.

What version of Logic do you use?

I use version 7.1. This is a major improvement for me as it has delay compensation for plug ins on both tracks and buses. I use a Universal Audio UAD1 card so this helps immensely!

How does Logic fit into your work-flow?

Logic is an integral part of my set up. Primarily I use it to sequence my samplers. Once an arrangement is complete I record all the audio from my samplers back into Logic for mix down. This allows me to spend longer over mixes and edit audio. I finally mixdown with a combination of hardware and software processors.

Name any Logic issues you have, eg Features you particularly like / features you feel could be improved upon?

I love mixing in logic; the layout/interface is really clear and easy to use. I can really control dynamics and make tracks come to life with the automation and plug-ins. I use UAD1 powered plug-ins which integrate seamlessly with Logic. Another excellent function is the ability to draw out clicks from recorded audio in the ‘sample editor’. I work with vinyl so I often need to remove clicks and pops from sampled audio.
I only have two main problems with Logic. The first is with saving files. After naming audio and saving work as a project, I sometimes find that Logic often loads up a project with a warning that regions within it have changed. The wrong audio files are sometimes used and often audio has been moved. This can be very worrying if you have spent a long time working on a project and impossible to rectify.
The second dislike is that during recording of midi data in the ‘Matrix edit’ window, notes disappear when recording which is really inconvenient.

Do you have any useful Logic tips?

Make sure even if you have saved work as a project that you check your recording path before recording on a new session. Sometimes Logic losses the recording path and could place the new audio anywhere!
To make the most out of your computers processing power, place high demand plug Ins such as Space Designer on a bus and send tracks to it.

What gear do you use?

I use a varied selection of gear: My main samplers are Roland VP9000x2 and Akai S950x2. These are sequenced by Logic Pro 7.1 on a Dual 1.8 Ghz G5 using a Motu 828 Mk II interface. I also use a TL Audio valve compressor and a Joe Meek SC2.2 compressor (awesome on drums) at the final mastering stage. My mixing desk is a Soundtracks Solo, which has lots of inputs, is pretty transparent and has lots of routing options.

How / when did canteen records start up?

Canteen Records was set up over five years ago by myself and a friend. We had a lot of friends making music to an excellent standard and we wanted to release it rather than waiting for major labels to pick up things. We are still going strong which I think is quite an achievement considering the current market place.

What is the name of your latest release?

My latest release was a double vinyl album called ‘Time and Tide’. It has also been released on CD in Japan. The album took me nearly three years and comprises of hundreds of samples. Using Logic helped me so much at the mix down stage as I could recall mixes and work on material at different stages. Using many different samples requires careful EQ treatment to remove unwanted bass frequencies and compressors to help knit them together.

Do you have any new projects for Canteen Records?

Yes we are working on a Canteen Records compilation called ‘Welcome To The Canteen’. It should be out for summer 2007 and will feature tracks from a varied selection of artists including Lewis Parker, Noon, Bias and Giacomo.

For more information about Bias and Canteen Records current releases and artists check out www.canteenrecords.com.

By Paul Yarrow

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